Friday, 28 October 2011

The walking dead.....fxuk

10pm, 22 hundred hours.

At last, another zombie!

And, I'm back with my offerings!
Yay! Its that bird from scrubs
(This weeks competition is "Name the bird from scrubs, the white one" answers on a post-it note to
First correct answer drawn from my beanie hat wins.......

...from Studio miniatures. I kid you not! Titter ye not madam! If you send me her name in the show and you are the first one to do so I will send you this zed in a bodybag and a 30mm/25mm round base.
I, have, lost, the, plot. Competitions on my blog? Why not?)
Back to my original train of thought.......more images of that doctory nursey wumman...
I want to know how the white looks in particular. I am crap at white, but am trying! Also the hair! Never been strong points but again, am trying. For years all I painted was speed jobs on helmeted troops and I have to say, painting zombies has forced me to try to learn how to paint properly.
Back view (of her bum....snicker...)
Its not great, I need advice!
Help! (and btw, I am serious about the competition, come on Brummie, Vampifan, Shelldrake..(oops, hes in oz, that may be expensive to post.....)....come on anyone local!)

Friday, 21 October 2011

Season two walking dead on FXUK

Okeydokey. No painting (much) this week due to prolonged sicky sicky bad.
Ten pm tonight is the new walking dead on FXUK so no painting until tomorrow.
Other news in brief.....
On a purchasing spree I had to buy cold war "streetwalkers" "run for it" and "good god" after seeing them on vampifans site and they arrived in two days, excellent service.
Also ordered the entire, not scooby gang from Hasslefree to use as witless survivors.
"I would have eaten thier brains and gotten away with it if it wasnt for you pesky kids".
Finaly undercoated my undead spaceman...
"....returning from a mission to Titan, Ed wasnt feeling too good"
He will be the cause for my outbreak. Awaghahaha..etc
Oh yeah and Colonel Sanders is dead.
Killed in Lybia apparently. Of all places. He must have been out there setting up a franchise.
Rest in peace sir, your popcorn chicken is a delight..........even though I cannot imagine what part of the chicken yields succulent balls........and I do not care to overthink it either.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Anyone know who makes this?
Sculpts do not fit in with my horde but I was curious.........

Sunday, 16 October 2011

More chaos in casualty

....oh my god in the O.R.........evil in emergency.........outbreak in outpatients.......
you get the drift.
Two more patients.
Paint slapped all over them and then photographed with a 1950's pentax.
 Mavis, with only a broken arm it's difficult to imagine how she died.
I am not having a go at the N.H.S.......I'm just saying......How?
Learn battlefield first aid and stay away from casualty. Thats my advice.
Doris. More explicable. Torn out throat.
Although I see it has not been dressed.......
This would suggest it happend IN the hospital.......
Dangerous places.
(both models unvarnished as yet but sneezed over enthusiasticly, so in summation paintwork unprotected but dont come near them without a particle mask on)

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Suitably chastened am I....

Fenris bases have arriveificated. Yee-haw!
Now if I could stop sneezing long enough to paint....

Friday, 14 October 2011

Still waiting for bloody Fenris bases....mutter mutter..

Like it says.
All work ground to a halt due to no bases and a sinus infection this week. Back to it tomorrow.
For a while there I thought it was all over.
I believed myself to have contracted some kind of t-virus.
I put on my best "shoot me in the head" t-shirt
and waited to reanimate.
Turned out to be approximately 5 gallons of rancid snot trapped in my skull cavities.
So that all worked out wonderfully then.........
Too much information?
Not enough?
You want a photo?
So, to sum up.
Packs of tissues bought......................................twenty (pocket packs)
Loo rolls used when tissues ran out...................two
Misery/joy level.................................................comparible to licking my cats (Gary) litter tray.
More zeds on saturday then, probably late cos im starting from scratch.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Studio zombie patient zero?

Another studio zed finished (not varnished yet(WITH BRUSH ON VARNISH)).
Patient zero I think.
His name is Clive. In for a vasectomy, out with a severe case of living death.
And you thought MRSA was bad......
The N.H.S these days, tsk, tsk!

Painting white

Just a heads up. This is a nice tutorial. I was having trouble maintaining colour consistency whilst painting my zombie scrubs set (doctors coats) and I thought this was a nice colour selection.
Heres a sample pic, see attached link to brushthralls by clicking on the title!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

40k minis and conversions

A couple of oldies I dug out for a matte coating. I have been inundated with requests to play 40k and until I get people interested in a zed game in my local I have resurrected my old guard to meet the challenge.
I intend to finish off my death guard so I can use zombies in 40k whilst trying to convert the masses.
I need to meet zombie players before I go utterly mad.......
These guys are part of my massive imerial guard army, some stormtroopers and hardened vets based on space marine scouts with necromunda shotguns. I liked them at the time but have seriously drifted away from this scene recently.
Still waiting for my Fenris bases to do my Halloween zeds.
Vampifan, I am looking forward to yours!
Race you!

As you can see, all come replete with awful extreme edge highlighting and yer authentic javis grass bases. Wow!
Ah well, as long as my horde gets a run out soon I shall content myself for now.
More zeds tomorrow, almost finished my hospital set and then moving on to Halloween and zombie santa. Ho, ho and ho!
(anyone noticed that santa is an anagram of satan........)

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Studio miniatures update

Well, my halloween set arrived today. Just waiting for bases from Fenris now to get them on the go.
Pretty prompt service and in the flesh (so to speak) they are lovely.
The playboy bunny girl is excellent and who could fail to love the kid dressed as Harry Potter?
Studio keep delivering the goods, the best 28mm zombies around by miles.
Cant wait to see what they come up with next. I shall post my attempts to paint these figures as soon as Fenris comes through with the bases.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Varnishing the undead.. how I have been feeling. It all started 25 years ago when I began throwing paint at diminutive Orks and Marines. Back then we didnt have a local GW and the interweb was nothing more than the mad dream of a crazy fool!
I was forced to purchase citadel paint and Daler Rowney brush on gloss varnish to protect my tabletop host. This worked fine for some time until I discovered spray varnish and then promptly gave up painting because I had better things to do.
Fast forward to recently when I decided to relearn how to paint. Vallejo, wet palette and trying to actualy "paint" the model insead of covering it in colour as quickly as possible became the order of the day.
I have also still been using spray varnish.
And I have discovered something.
Vallejo spray, Army painter, Purity seal...doesnt matter which one, they all fu*k up in some fashion.If conditions are not perfect, say for example your neighbour farts whilst you are spraying, it will go wrong. Applying more varnish to fix it makes it worse.
I hate varnish.
It did this.....
This is the worst result, cracking and shiny frosting AND the acrylic had been allowed to dry for several days before spraying........
Varnished it on sunday morning and by sunday afternoon I had this.
I am not best pleased.

I also managed to achieve this wonderful overspray effect.
Anyhow the point of this moan is to say..
...and gloss.
Brush on varnish. I have been trying it all week and it works. I havent had a breakdown (of paintwork or of the mental variety) since I started. There are too many little problems for me to consider a repaint and hopefully the errors will be lost in the horde but Galleria brush on varnish is all I will ever trust from now on. To protect my models and my sanity.

For polyeurathane tough mental health, varnish your mind with Galeria.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Aaaaargh! Rubber angel alert!


5 very quick drybrush and wash jobs on the Doctor Who adventures weeping angels.
Not a patch on Crooked dice's scary statues but hey! Theyre cheap, cheerful and usable.
I am impressed with them in that even though they are rubbery plastic they took the paint well and as long as it is'nt slapped on too thickly it wo'nt crack even when you do flex the model.
I'm currently waiting for Crooked dice's scary statues (amongst other things) but I thought these would make a good "army" of angels for a special Doctor Who scenario. All in all the Doctor Who Adventures magazine (available every Thursday in the U.K) is proving to be a good source of cheap and usable miniatures. Sure, the cybermen are awful but the i-daleks are spot on for the on screen revamped dalek (still liked the old ones best, Tom Baker was my doctor...) and I watch with interest to see what they churn out next. Our local newsagent is getting used to me periodically buying multiple copies of a kids comic and generally browsing the toy shelves for lorries in a usable scale (always take a mini in your pocket for comparison purposes but also always try not to be seen doing it if you dislike being regarded as the local mental case)
Thursday 6th October promises some Sontarans, cybermen and daleks so I shall be lurking in the comic section come Thursday morning. See you there......

Monday, 3 October 2011

Studio october releases

Gorgeous as usual!

More Nurgle and chaos.

Found the rest of this fledgling warband.

And yes, I know the woof is Khornate but Dettol and a repaint should sort that out. I loved these old metal models and just can't seem to develop the same affection for plastic or finecost..

Its not undead but...

My fave GW model for a long time. Found it today whilst looking for....
I had planned to double the use of my undead horde as a nurgle army based on Imperial Armour 7.
Too many people still play 40K exclusively in my gaming circle and I have to justify painting well over 100 zeds.
Or do I........
Anyhow, thats my current plan to get my undead maximum exposure.
I truly am just adding to my already prodigious workload.

Basing models

Today, inspired by Heather, I have around twenty Studio zombies to base.
For over twenty years basing meant sand, muddy brown wash, grey drybrush and then static grass (flock in the olden days) to me.
When I first bought some Studio zombies I was inspired by the lavish box art to try and sculpt paved bases using Milliput and Italeri putty. My results were mixed to say the least. My JD model that I matt coated yesterday is the only one remaining with a self sculpted base.
When it comes to putty I suck.
(and photography, and blending......etc)
About a month ago I discovered Fenris games and thier resin detailed bases, this was after half a day of scouring the net to try to discover what bases Studio used.
I, am, blown, away!
These bases are great and cheap!
I havent even had attachment problems, simply clipping the tab away and leaving a piece of it beneath each foot and voila, instant pins. The resin is easily cleaned and drilled with a pinvice.
My only warning is wash 'em realy well or they refuse to take paint.
Will post some dreadfull pics later.....

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Following a CHIPS related ramble on LAF here is my inspirational photo of Heather Locklear. Now if that doesnt make you want to paint zombies then man, you have a problem....
(Or maybe its me that has a problem...)

Today I did this!


This is a few of the rubbery weeping angels given away with this weeks Dr Who adventures magazine.Apart from the silly short arm I think they look ok. 5min paintjob of a greygreen base, fortress drybrush and a black wash.
They should do well for wargaming and the weeping figure, if painted with some care is actualy very nice indeed.
Thats yer authentic Javis grass there on the bases.

JD from scrubs. Could have painted this much better if I had not been rushing..
"What the *u%k are you looking at?" He seems to say....

One follower!

Yeehah! I have a follower. No longer am I talking to myself!
                                                   This is a momentous occasion like ^.