Monday, 3 October 2011

Basing models

Today, inspired by Heather, I have around twenty Studio zombies to base.
For over twenty years basing meant sand, muddy brown wash, grey drybrush and then static grass (flock in the olden days) to me.
When I first bought some Studio zombies I was inspired by the lavish box art to try and sculpt paved bases using Milliput and Italeri putty. My results were mixed to say the least. My JD model that I matt coated yesterday is the only one remaining with a self sculpted base.
When it comes to putty I suck.
(and photography, and blending......etc)
About a month ago I discovered Fenris games and thier resin detailed bases, this was after half a day of scouring the net to try to discover what bases Studio used.
I, am, blown, away!
These bases are great and cheap!
I havent even had attachment problems, simply clipping the tab away and leaving a piece of it beneath each foot and voila, instant pins. The resin is easily cleaned and drilled with a pinvice.
My only warning is wash 'em realy well or they refuse to take paint.
Will post some dreadfull pics later.....


  1. They most assuredly do and Fenris are the best I have ever seen!