Wednesday, 16 November 2011

More zombies....

I appear to be painting as fast as a Romero zombie can shuffle. Vampifan has most assuredly won our painting contest.
Heres the latest two that I have thrown paint at in a vaguely organised fashion.
Both are Studio miniatures and both from the excellent Halloween special set.
I realise they are a bit late for this year but I intend to follow them up immediately with the christmas nightmare set so as to be topical at least once this year.
These were beautiful, as always, miniatures with barely any flash worth mentioning. The detail is excellent and the zombification is understated, coveyed more by pose than by dripping viscera.
Firstly a lady gaga lookalike playboy bunny girl...

....on whom I did not spend enough time blending!
Followed by Harry Potter....(ignore the bit of shiny varnish on his bonce, it only showed up in the photograph and I cannot figure out how to photoshop it away)

....both of which, as I said, lack serious wounds. That is not a complaint however. Studio do enough disembowelled zombies and it is nice to see a few who look a bit more normal.
As always, I wish I could do them justice with the paintjob they deserve.
The rest are on the way......Superman is giving me a headache.....