Wednesday, 16 November 2011

More zombies....

I appear to be painting as fast as a Romero zombie can shuffle. Vampifan has most assuredly won our painting contest.
Heres the latest two that I have thrown paint at in a vaguely organised fashion.
Both are Studio miniatures and both from the excellent Halloween special set.
I realise they are a bit late for this year but I intend to follow them up immediately with the christmas nightmare set so as to be topical at least once this year.
These were beautiful, as always, miniatures with barely any flash worth mentioning. The detail is excellent and the zombification is understated, coveyed more by pose than by dripping viscera.
Firstly a lady gaga lookalike playboy bunny girl...

....on whom I did not spend enough time blending!
Followed by Harry Potter....(ignore the bit of shiny varnish on his bonce, it only showed up in the photograph and I cannot figure out how to photoshop it away)

....both of which, as I said, lack serious wounds. That is not a complaint however. Studio do enough disembowelled zombies and it is nice to see a few who look a bit more normal.
As always, I wish I could do them justice with the paintjob they deserve.
The rest are on the way......Superman is giving me a headache.....


  1. Very nice mate like the playboy bunny!

  2. Well, Jonathan, I finished painting all nine figures from the Studio Wedding Party and Halloween group this afternoon but it'll be at least a week before I can post them as I've yet to photograph them. You, on the other hand have painted two and posted pics of them, so in my opinion, that makes you the winner of our painting race competition.

    You've chosen very similar colour schemes for your bunny girl and Harry Potter as mine, although my flesh tones aren't as healthy looking as yours and my two both have gore effects added to them. Nothing over the top, because as you say, they don't sport big gaping wounds.

    I must admit that the figure that I most enjoyed painting out of this bunch was the zombie Superman. I'm sorry to tell you that he was such a joy to paint and I love how mine has turned out.

    Well done on your paintjobs and well done on beating me to the post. I make no excuses, the better (or should that be faster?) man won. If ever we meet, I'll buy you a drink, mate.

  3. Nice to see these - I have some, but mine reain in the box for now. Good stuff. :)

  4. Thanks to all of you. Bryan! Thats a tad unfair, I have managed to get two finished and am still struggling to get supermans "S" the way I want it. I submit that you finished painting them first and if I made the first post at best thats a kind of draw. Your brush-fu is mightier than mine.
    I need to be adding more rotting flesh to my mix methinks.....they are a bit on the recently dead side.
    I will happily take you up on that offer of a beer, I am on the mainland several times a year. Watch this space.
    Thanks again by the way man

  5. Looking very nice indeed!

    Both look like recently dead, a pretty nice idea actually! I need to get hold of the halloween set as well. Some time next year...

  6. Okay, so a draw it is. Let me give you a little tip that might help you with painting the "S" on the Superman zombie. Don't! When I saw the version painted by Studio Minis I thought that the "S" on his costume would be a real swine to paint. Then in a flash of inspiration I suddenly thought, hang on a minute, he isn't Superman, he's Super Zombie. So I've replaced the "S" with a "Z" and it was much easier to paint! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Super Zombie!

  7. That. Is. An. Excellent idea!
    Hope you dont mind if I shamelessly steal that!

  8. Please do "steal" it! I offered the tip with my blessing to use as you want.

  9. JP these are really good efforts, Bunny is my fav and your right she is a dead ringer for Gaga, like your work here am now following.