Friday, 28 October 2011

The walking dead.....fxuk

10pm, 22 hundred hours.

At last, another zombie!

And, I'm back with my offerings!
Yay! Its that bird from scrubs
(This weeks competition is "Name the bird from scrubs, the white one" answers on a post-it note to
First correct answer drawn from my beanie hat wins.......

...from Studio miniatures. I kid you not! Titter ye not madam! If you send me her name in the show and you are the first one to do so I will send you this zed in a bodybag and a 30mm/25mm round base.
I, have, lost, the, plot. Competitions on my blog? Why not?)
Back to my original train of thought.......more images of that doctory nursey wumman...
I want to know how the white looks in particular. I am crap at white, but am trying! Also the hair! Never been strong points but again, am trying. For years all I painted was speed jobs on helmeted troops and I have to say, painting zombies has forced me to try to learn how to paint properly.
Back view (of her bum....snicker...)
Its not great, I need advice!
Help! (and btw, I am serious about the competition, come on Brummie, Vampifan, Shelldrake..(oops, hes in oz, that may be expensive to post.....)....come on anyone local!)