Friday, 29 November 2013

Across the dead earth.

Before I forget, on Lead adventure forum theres aguy called Richard Chappell who is beta testing a set of apocalypse rules and is looking for playtesters. Its in the post apoc section. I have downloaded the rules and they are well worth a look. He is aiming to develop a campaign driven system with progression of characters as opposed to static statlines. You should give it a go. Its great to see such interest in the genre.

Sarissa buildings....

bought a load of the city buildings and painted them with teracotta Dulux tester pots, black wash and rubbed in grey pastel before a spray of matt varnish.
I will get some setup for photographing large items but heres one on a shelf......with a gallows and JD mini/hipflask on top. Just for an idea of how it turned out.

I have also been painting wild west stuff for Dead mans hand but some items like this church may make it into my zombapocalypse....

Sarissa make some lovely kits and as a novice building painter Im not doing them justice.
Heres a better shot of the townhouse to illustrate both the lovely detail and lack of skill.
Anyhoo, back to painting not SG1 and a few more walkers/zeds/differently alive.