Monday, 3 October 2011

Its not undead but...

My fave GW model for a long time. Found it today whilst looking for....
I had planned to double the use of my undead horde as a nurgle army based on Imperial Armour 7.
Too many people still play 40K exclusively in my gaming circle and I have to justify painting well over 100 zeds.
Or do I........
Anyhow, thats my current plan to get my undead maximum exposure.
I truly am just adding to my already prodigious workload.


  1. I gave up on 40k,
    the minis are far great,but are starting to cost to much.this guy looks great

  2. I gave up on it because i enjoy the variety of undead much more. Its a long held cinema and literature passion and makes for more interesting painting than a repitition of uniform for a standard army. I enjoy gaming but am starting to adore painting!