Sunday, 16 October 2011

More chaos in casualty

....oh my god in the O.R.........evil in emergency.........outbreak in outpatients.......
you get the drift.
Two more patients.
Paint slapped all over them and then photographed with a 1950's pentax.
 Mavis, with only a broken arm it's difficult to imagine how she died.
I am not having a go at the N.H.S.......I'm just saying......How?
Learn battlefield first aid and stay away from casualty. Thats my advice.
Doris. More explicable. Torn out throat.
Although I see it has not been dressed.......
This would suggest it happend IN the hospital.......
Dangerous places.
(both models unvarnished as yet but sneezed over enthusiasticly, so in summation paintwork unprotected but dont come near them without a particle mask on)


  1. Nicely painted, JP, but I think adding potentially fatal germs to your zombie minis is taking realism a bit far! We only have your word that they're just flu germs but for all we know you could be "Patient Zero!"

  2. Thank you, I never claimed to be good at this but I try!
    You are on to my scheme I see.......
    shame. I liked you.
    Ah well. Stay exactly where you are, someone will be round shortly.....
    ....or some-thing....ahahahahahahahahah..cough....ahahaha....etc

  3. Ah... maybe the first patient didn't die from a broken arm... maybe the sling hides a really really really nasty bite.

    Nice work. I am looking forward to seeing them in a battle report.

  4. indeed nice paintjobs, Do they really need varnishing now?

  5. @ brum, I am afraid so, a coating of snot and virus laden mucus just doesnt give that long lasting protection.....however, it does put people off rubbing thier dirty mitts all over them.

  6. Well...Bless you in the name of father Nurgle! MWAHAHAH!!!

    Good painting on the girl, she turned out pretty good mate!