Friday, 7 October 2011

Varnishing the undead.. how I have been feeling. It all started 25 years ago when I began throwing paint at diminutive Orks and Marines. Back then we didnt have a local GW and the interweb was nothing more than the mad dream of a crazy fool!
I was forced to purchase citadel paint and Daler Rowney brush on gloss varnish to protect my tabletop host. This worked fine for some time until I discovered spray varnish and then promptly gave up painting because I had better things to do.
Fast forward to recently when I decided to relearn how to paint. Vallejo, wet palette and trying to actualy "paint" the model insead of covering it in colour as quickly as possible became the order of the day.
I have also still been using spray varnish.
And I have discovered something.
Vallejo spray, Army painter, Purity seal...doesnt matter which one, they all fu*k up in some fashion.If conditions are not perfect, say for example your neighbour farts whilst you are spraying, it will go wrong. Applying more varnish to fix it makes it worse.
I hate varnish.
It did this.....
This is the worst result, cracking and shiny frosting AND the acrylic had been allowed to dry for several days before spraying........
Varnished it on sunday morning and by sunday afternoon I had this.
I am not best pleased.

I also managed to achieve this wonderful overspray effect.
Anyhow the point of this moan is to say..
...and gloss.
Brush on varnish. I have been trying it all week and it works. I havent had a breakdown (of paintwork or of the mental variety) since I started. There are too many little problems for me to consider a repaint and hopefully the errors will be lost in the horde but Galleria brush on varnish is all I will ever trust from now on. To protect my models and my sanity.

For polyeurathane tough mental health, varnish your mind with Galeria.


  1. Crazy Fool lmao

    It hasn't happened to me as i've only started painting stuff 'properly' recently so i bought somthing similar as test and i have no problems with it.

    I'm always weary of sprays etc as once that buttons pressed theres no going back at least with a brush you can test it first

  2. Im avoiding spray like the plague from now on!