Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Aaaaargh! Rubber angel alert!


5 very quick drybrush and wash jobs on the Doctor Who adventures weeping angels.
Not a patch on Crooked dice's scary statues but hey! Theyre cheap, cheerful and usable.
I am impressed with them in that even though they are rubbery plastic they took the paint well and as long as it is'nt slapped on too thickly it wo'nt crack even when you do flex the model.
I'm currently waiting for Crooked dice's scary statues (amongst other things) but I thought these would make a good "army" of angels for a special Doctor Who scenario. All in all the Doctor Who Adventures magazine (available every Thursday in the U.K) is proving to be a good source of cheap and usable miniatures. Sure, the cybermen are awful but the i-daleks are spot on for the on screen revamped dalek (still liked the old ones best, Tom Baker was my doctor...) and I watch with interest to see what they churn out next. Our local newsagent is getting used to me periodically buying multiple copies of a kids comic and generally browsing the toy shelves for lorries in a usable scale (always take a mini in your pocket for comparison purposes but also always try not to be seen doing it if you dislike being regarded as the local mental case)
Thursday 6th October promises some Sontarans, cybermen and daleks so I shall be lurking in the comic section come Thursday morning. See you there......

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  1. cool,
    they look great.
    Tom baker was the best doctor, i think all the flashy SFX in the new show deatroys a lot of its charm