Sunday, 9 October 2011

40k minis and conversions

A couple of oldies I dug out for a matte coating. I have been inundated with requests to play 40k and until I get people interested in a zed game in my local I have resurrected my old guard to meet the challenge.
I intend to finish off my death guard so I can use zombies in 40k whilst trying to convert the masses.
I need to meet zombie players before I go utterly mad.......
These guys are part of my massive imerial guard army, some stormtroopers and hardened vets based on space marine scouts with necromunda shotguns. I liked them at the time but have seriously drifted away from this scene recently.
Still waiting for my Fenris bases to do my Halloween zeds.
Vampifan, I am looking forward to yours!
Race you!

As you can see, all come replete with awful extreme edge highlighting and yer authentic javis grass bases. Wow!
Ah well, as long as my horde gets a run out soon I shall content myself for now.
More zeds tomorrow, almost finished my hospital set and then moving on to Halloween and zombie santa. Ho, ho and ho!
(anyone noticed that santa is an anagram of satan........)


  1. You want a painting race? I could say, I'd have unfair advantage if I started now as you're waiting for your Fenris bases. However, you may beat me as I won't start painting anything new until I clear my painting table first and that means finishing off 18 Foundry Street Violence figures. Mind you, they're almost finished so maybe we'll start painting together. Oh, and I like the way the Studio artist paints their figures so I'll be copying their colour schemes as well!
    I'm not a fan of 40K but the figures you've shown her are very nicely painted. Well done, sir!

  2. Nice shottie conversions on the scouts. Some of my favorite classic miniatures. I have a stack of those awaiting paint.

    Just kinda drifted away to so know what its like I have all sorts of marine stuff stored away

  3. We must have this race! I suspect I may not win but its the taking part is it not?
    Will be waiting for postie tomorrow, my cheque to Ian cleared on friday so anyday now....