Friday, 21 October 2011

Season two walking dead on FXUK

Okeydokey. No painting (much) this week due to prolonged sicky sicky bad.
Ten pm tonight is the new walking dead on FXUK so no painting until tomorrow.
Other news in brief.....
On a purchasing spree I had to buy cold war "streetwalkers" "run for it" and "good god" after seeing them on vampifans site and they arrived in two days, excellent service.
Also ordered the entire, not scooby gang from Hasslefree to use as witless survivors.
"I would have eaten thier brains and gotten away with it if it wasnt for you pesky kids".
Finaly undercoated my undead spaceman...
"....returning from a mission to Titan, Ed wasnt feeling too good"
He will be the cause for my outbreak. Awaghahaha..etc
Oh yeah and Colonel Sanders is dead.
Killed in Lybia apparently. Of all places. He must have been out there setting up a franchise.
Rest in peace sir, your popcorn chicken is a delight..........even though I cannot imagine what part of the chicken yields succulent balls........and I do not care to overthink it either.


  1. were you sicky sicky bad because of the colonels finger licking chicken ha ha ha

  2. those chicken balls.........