Thursday, 28 November 2013

Im off to apply more matt to those and finish another few. They are the Hasslefree modern troopers and I have never seen nicer human troops. Ever.
I have to do up the not SG1 quartet and with the others will be using them in ATZ and 7ombie TV, probably 7 TV as well.
I have been burning through zeds and sarissa buildings as well as Dr Who stuff as and when the severly damaged back allows. Had to resurrect the old blog. Like any good walker its hard to put down. Will post some buildings next.
Need to keep this up to make me keep painting, even if nobody is reading.


  1. Of course people read your blog!

    If you need incentive to paint, join in Zedcember that will be starting up in a few days.

    I am in on it, and if Zomtober is anything to go on, I should get a few more figures painted.

    1. I shall! Consider that gauntlet picked up man. Will see you on the boards tomorrow. I have a few new cold war and studio zeds to get stuck into alongside another 6 or so Hasslefree moderns.