Thursday, 15 December 2011

Painting schedule revisited.

As the end of 2011 rockets towards us like a jet-propelled zombie on skates, I am attempting to paint one zed a day. This will clearly never happen. I barely get an hour a day but I hope to get at least seven more up here before the years out.
Thats me throwing down the gauntlet to myself.
I may end up eating my hat.
Anyone got any hat relish?


  1. ooo i might challenge you sir. Not Zombies but seven miniatures

  2. Okeydokey matey!
    I am orf to base the other three Studio Christmas zeds but I may also try to paint my Crooked Dice Captain Jack!
    Lets see if we can do it!

  3. I might have to throw down the gauntlet for myself ... if I can paint one mini (even a 15mm one) before the year is out I will be happy :-P

  4. Ok I have Captain jack, 3 gents in suits and either 3 kgb or 3 double agents not decided yet.

    Maybe a mountain miniature secret agent as well

  5. I may join in on this, too. I have a bunch of Clix Zombies and Survivors I need to work on. Some only need a little work - at least they'll be doable.

  6. Get in there!
    Careful though, don't paint all of your leadpile or you too shall be a shambler come ney year....I warned you!