Thursday, 15 December 2011

bride of Santa.....

Another one hammered out. At this rate I may even get a game in before next Christmas........


  1. wow - you have done an excellent job on this one.

    If you do the seven figures you want to do before the end of the year like this then you have done very well indeed!

  2. So cute!! Here comes the bride...All dressed in...BRAAAIINNNSS!!!!!

  3. Wow, great job, especially on the face.

  4. Thankee all kindly. I think im improving. I painted until I was 18 then took a massive gap and now I am almost back to my old standard.
    Since I do not play 40k anymore I havent needed to speedpaint armies and I find Im taking more time and enjoying painting in and of itself.
    Cheers you guys. Feel free to criticise as well, It all helps and you lot are my only feedback at the mo!

  5. Feel free to criticise?!

    all righty then: all of your painting is horrible and you should be ashamed of yourself.

    Pack all of your minis in a parcel and sent them to me and I will see to it that no one learns of your shame.


  6. ...oh for shame...I shall break my brushes asunder and cast my paints to the ground....I shall, I shall post them all to you forthwith!
    No! I shall destroy them with flame to rid the world of their foul corruption. I am a travesty.......hold on a mo! Do I detect a hidden compliment? Or am I being too analytical again and finding hidden meanings where none exist?
    Thank you?
    or alternatively...
    You cheeky shite!

  7. :-D

    I picked up this cheeky habit from other forums. It would appear that in my old age I am becoming easily influenced.