Friday, 4 November 2011

Suggestions for the best rules...

I have been at the zeds again but am starting my survivors.
What rules do I get?
I have a plethora of ww2,www2, sci-fi etc but no zed specific set.....


  1. Keep the good work coming, most of the guys who blog it up are Using ATZ(All Things Zombie), there is also Akula's rules, they are mentioned often on the TMP and Laf Forum.
    I am trying to write my own... maybe I'll finish it one day :)

  2. All Things Zombie from Two Hour Wargames. With its two expansions (Haven & I, Zombie), you can play any phase of the zombie apocalypse. You can play solo, competitively or coopaeratively. Plus a very active community at the 2HW yahoo group!

  3. You could down load the free Total ARSE Zombie rules for free: (look on the sides to the left for the download) and give them a try. Add as little or as much fluff as you like to go with it (the LAF has a mention of this).

    Then there is the very popular All Things Zombie - I have the first edition, but I understand the second edition is better.

    Then there is "No More Room In Hell" from Iron Ivan Games, which are the set I am using (with a few mods). These are the rules I am using for the Blog Game.

  4. All of what everyone said. IronIvans seems the simplest to use (to me anyway) but all are good.

    I have Apocalypse Z by Mongoose publishing it has some nice fluff and stories but i didn't like how its layed out

  5. I have ordered ATZ and am wondering where in the UK can I get No more room in hell?
    Vampifan? Brummie? Any other UK folks?

  6. Ooooops, just found it at wargames emporium, just after I gave up, typical!

  7. That's always the way, isn't it?

    I'm sure you won't be disappointed with ATZ. It more than fulfils my needs for what I want out of a zombie skirmish game.

  8. YOu can also get it from Northstar Miniatures

  9. Both rulesets have arrived and im more than impressed. They just dont sit well beside the forgeworld books.......however, in terms of content they blow away almost every other ruleset I own!