Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sunday...paint or write essay?

I have a post grad essay to write. I also have zombies and an 11th doctor to paint.......
Painting wins. Heres my rambling reason.

Im doing a psychotherapy essay, this involves introspection and self discovery along with a load of other wooly science mumbo jumbo.
I feel that in order to deliver the best darndest piece of work that I can I should meditate first.
With me so far?
Painting, to my mind, is zen.
Complete relaxation married with complete concentration.
Simultaneously fill and empty your mind.
Mine was nice and empty to begin with (I had a clear up in August and last week I marinated it in cider, budweiser and aftershock just to get it nice and sterile) so im off to a good start.

I believe that a day of slapping paint onto little men (or little wimmin(equal opportunity zombie horde)) will expand my consciousness and liberate my thoughts making me a more rounded, stable and interesting humanoid.
Thus by painting I AM studying and exploring the deepest recesses of my psyche!

Any thoughts?

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  1. as someone that is a 'recovering depressionist' I learnt the hard way that all work and not play makes shelldrake fall over and curl up into a ball.

    My 'head doc' was fascinated how interested I became in the way the mind works and suggested I take up psychology, but never did... can't afford to go back to school at the moment :-(